The YouTube channel “Hell on Earth” has more than 60,000 subscribers who watch religiously as the team explores “the dilapidated ruins of civilization, abandoned factories, creepy theme parks, military bases, and underground vaults.” In other words, abandoned buildings.

One of their recent explorations was so creepy, you start feeling like your watching a ghost hunter/adventure show. The guys were told about an abandoned building that was supposedly used by the Ministry of Defense. That’s what one of the overzealous security guards that caught them said, anyway.

The very first thing the HOE crew discovers after entering the building are the words “DIE” written on a wall. That’s creepy enough but it actually got worse. The team also came across “Don’t go upstairs” spray painted on the wall of a corridor, which of course, means they wanted to go upstairs.

If the spray painted warnings weren’t enough, the guys found room after room littered with dead pigeons. When the security guards finally caught up to the HOE crew and were asked why the building had so many dead pigeons, one of the guards said “It’s haunted.”

All of that said, the video below is definitely worth a watch. Again, these guys aren’t ghost hunters, but their exploration of this particular building will make you think they are.

Watch Below – WARNING: Dead Pigeon Images

What do you think of the dead pigeons and creepy messages?

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