It may seem hard to believe, but some people actually find travel monotonous. The long lines at security. The endless rap during check-in and boarding. The possibilities that come with sardine like seating. The arrival in a destination either you’ve never been to before or are eagerly looking forward to revisiting. And then the trip itself – the ins and outs, the taxis and the turmoil. It would all seem like one giant ball of excitement and anxiety…so how could it possibly be dull? Well, if you do it for a living, maybe.

Indeed, for the individual who has to move around the planet as part of their job, the endless days and nights in strange airports and even odder lodging can become a mind-numbing chore. There’s no excitement in having no roots, and there’s little enjoyment in trying to find your center in Cincinnati one day, and in San Diego the next. On business traveler was in Azerbaijan recently, and the tedium of being in yet another hotel for yet another trip obviously got to him. So he started playing a ‘game’ with the housekeeping staff, and as you will see in the gallery below, it escalated into something rather special. Check it out.

It All Started Like This:


And The Guest Got This Response:


How Nice!


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