Social media can usually be dated with the following post-numeric abbreviation – BFB and AFB. Before Facebook and After Facebook. Before? There was a little something called MySpace, and if you were part of what was then the world’s largest online community, you probably remember the first friend request you ever received. It was from Tom – aka Tom Anderson, one of the founders – and it was the beginning of what would turn out to be the end of Western Civilization as we know it…just kidding. Without MySpace, there’s probably no need for Facebook. No one knew there was a calling for such an interconnected experience on the web.

When NewsCorp bought the site 2005, it made Tom and any other members of the MySpace team instant multi-millionaires. And what did the world’s former BFF do with all his loot? Well, he decided to do what all men of leisure strive for – travel. And with a newfound passion for photography in tow, he’s setting out to show the rest of the world the wonders that exist there. The gallery below offers some absolutely stunning imagery, all taken by Tom as he girdles the globe. MySpace may have inspired Facebook, but one thing’s for sure – these photos will definitely inspire some wanderlust.



Like looking into the past with a modern technological twist.



Hot air balloons and ruins galore.

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