With the popularity of online ordering, many shop and boutique owners closed their doors and re-opened them on places like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more.

It’s also given creative people a way to sell their goods to the world without the overhead of an actual storefront.


Big-box stores and retail chains have also gone all-in with online ordering as well and 2017’s Cyber Monday sales hit a record $6.59 billion, proving that online shopping is easier – and often cheaper – than in-store purchasing.

But is it safer?


Some will claim that they’re trying to avoid the sometimes-volatile crowds on Black Friday, which have led to trampling injuries, stabbings, fights, and even shootings in the past.

People love a deal.


But it may actually not be as safe as consumers think. Just ask Xiao Li from China who ended up in the hospital after getting beat up by a furious online seller.

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