Among the many variations on the sport, kickboxing (like MMA) ups the ante by allowing an almost “no holds barred” approach to man on man violence. While the original sweet science is often praised for its combination of strategy and brutality, these street fighter like brawls have become very popular with the younger generations.

It’s A Savage Sport


For them, it’s about the action – and the bloodshed. Gone are the plans and plotting. In their place is a pummeling – a quick and painful pummeling. Of course, this also means an apparent lack of rules. While the various organizations will argue that they have their parameters in place, one bout is enough to make you questions such a conclusion.

It’s Filled With Cheap Shots


And then there are incidents like the one that took place recently. Part revenge, part intentional sucker punch, the incident is making headlines, not only for what happened, but for how it reflects on the sport. The cheap shot you see in the video included here was perfectly legal (according to kickboxing experts) but fans felt that what Murthel “The Predator” Groenhart did to Harut Grigorian was unfair.

And Unfair Advantages


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