Unless you live in New Jersey or Oregon, you know how to pump your own gas. In fact, you probably knew how to use a gas pump before you knew how to drive.

In those two states, however, they have laws against pumping your own gas. Basically, both New Jersey and Oregon cite safety concerns with consumers handling petroleum themselves. When you break it down, it doesn’t make that much sense, because what happens if a Jersey resident is in PA and needs gas? Under the current law, which was enacted in 1949, the NJ resident has never pumped gas before because it’s super unsafe but now they are forced to handle petroleum, which is apparently incredibly dangerous and they have no idea how to do it.

As of Jan. 1, 2018, Oregonians in rural counties can now pump their own gas if stations allow it. There are a lot of economic reasons why station owners aren’t thrilled with the new law, but it has to do with installing new self-pay pumps and having to terminate employees but you’d think this would be something Oregonians would welcome.

NOPE. In fact, it’s caused what is being called the “Oregon Gas Crisis.”

Wait until you see some of the strangest, illogical, and WTF comments about something so simple as pumping gas.

It All Started With A Simple Facebook Post:

Then the Oregonians came at the “Gas Crisis” with torches blazing! Okay, that actually would be really dangerous so we hope they didn’t actually do that.

1. He Can’t Even

Mike says the one time he had to pump gas in California he almost died doing it. Smh…


2. What Do They Need Help With, Exactly?

3. David Uses Math To Show People Like Cathy It’s Going To Be Okay

We wanted to make sure David’s figures were correct, but all we could find is that New Jersey has a population of 9 million people, which makes it the 11th most populated state. Not sure if throwing Oregon in there adds up to 5-percent of the total U.S. population…


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