If you’re a fan of comedy films, you’re probably pretty familiar with Will Ferrell. For two decades, Ferrell has been entertaining people all over the world with his comedic acting style, and he’s portrayed some of the funniest characters to hit the big screen including Ron Burgundy.

Well, it looks like Ferrell is gearing up to give us yet another memorable project and this time he’s teaming back up with Adam McKay who he’s worked with on films like Step Brothers and Anchorman.

This time, though, the duo’s endeavor will be a series instead of a film. Titled, No Activity, the show is based on an Australian series of the same name and is set to air on CBS.

According to Lad Bible, “No Activity is set amidst a drug bust and follows two low-ranking cops who spend a lot of time together; two criminals, two dispatch workers, who unlike the cops, don’t get along; and two Mexicans who are creating a tunnel and are forced to spend time in a very small space together.”

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