Conspiracy theorists are getting more and more savvier when it comes to pulling off hoaxes.

Groups from different places in the world all purporting that whatever it is you’ve been told all along is wrong and they have the truth. All you have to do is listen.


These conspirators believe that the government is hiding things from us – one of the most famous being Area 51. Area 51 does exist, it’s an Air Force facility in Nevada.

Naysayers have believed for years that the U.S. government was hiding alien bodies there.


Many theories seem to revolve around outer space.

The Flat-Earthers grew in popularity a few years ago after a couple of celebrities came out supporting the theory that the earth isn’t round and that it’s actually flat.


Well, this latest one really has caused quite a disturbance, mainly because of the lengths this group went to prove their theory – like falsify NASA documents.

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