It’s supposed to be the latest fashion trend. Women have rocked the look for decades, but guys have never given in to the whole quasi-culottes look. But since we live in a world where challenging the norm can buy you a few web-based minutes of fame, a new style for the bros has been introduced. It’s called the Romper, and it has sparked so much social media debate that it’s hard to get a handle on whether people think it’s cool, or the end of Western civilization as we know it.

Called by many names – The RompHim, the Public Onesie, Jump Suit Variety: Short – it’s all the result of a Kickstarter campaign from a company that wants to make these items available to the public. They wanted to raise $10,000. So far, they’ve raised 30 times that amount (or close to $300K, if you math skills are weak). Some of the fellows are seeing and feeling this design. Others blame the everpresent pop boogeyman known as “millennials” or “hipsters” and scoff. Perhaps the best response – the hundreds of memes appearing on FB feeds everywhere. Many of them are hilarious. Check out some of them below.

Here Is What Everyone Is Talking About


And the reactions have been hilarious, to say the least.


Manly, Or Emasculating…



You decide.

Own It…And Work It


Or lose it.


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