When BitCoin was first introduced in 2009, many people had no idea what to think of the new digital currency. Initially, BitCoin was taken as a joke and many people assumed that it would be nothing more than a fad.

But after a recent surge in the value of BitCoin, a single BitCoin is currently worth a little more than $10,000, and lots of people should be kicking themselves for not making the decision to invest early.

Fortunately, before BitCoin was cool or valuable, a man names James Howells had mined 7,500 BitCoins on his laptop. Today, those coins are worth more than $86 million. But while most people with so many BitCoins would be jumping for joy right now, Howells isn’t one of them.

So, why would someone with so many BitCoins be kicking themselves now that the currency is so valuable? Well, Howells story has a plot twist, a very big one.

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