As you may already know, June is LGBT Pride Month. As a result, many cities across the U.S. – both large and small – hold Pride Parades to celebrate and recognize the impact LGBT people have had on our world. It’s also a month that honor those in the LGBT community that have fought for equal rights over the years. It’s a time for acceptance, understanding, and compassion, even though we should be treating everyone with those actions every day.

It’s also 2018. People of every orientation have the right to be married, adopt children, be covered under their partner’s health insurance, buy a house – you know, the things heterosexual couples have always done but didn’t have to fight in order to have the right to do them.

There have been stories in the news of small towns across the country that haven’t wanted to serve homosexual couples meals or bake their wedding cakes. But you’d expect people in more progressive, larger cities to be more open. You’d think.

A lesbian couple in New York was recently kicked out of an Uber after sharing a quick kiss and the story is quickly gaining steam across the globe.

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