Last weekend, Jeong was performing at Stand Up Live in Phoenix. While was on stage doing his set, a woman in the audience started making a bit of a fuss. At first, Jeong thought she was a heckler stirring up some trouble but he quickly realized she was in trouble.

Jeong figured out the woman was having a seizure. According to witnesses in attendance, he jumped off the stage and ran to assist the woman. He cleared the area and began administering aid to the woman until paramedics arrived.

With the help of another show-goer who is an EMT, Jeong was able to bring the woman to consciousness and to her feet by the time first responders got to the venue. Once the woman was taken to the hospital, Jeong continued on with his set.

Jeong isn’t the only member of his family who studied medicine. His wife of 14 years, Tran Ho, is a family physician in Woodland Hills, CA who has been practicing medicine for 19 years.

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Source: Comedian Uses Real-Life Training as Doctor When He Jumps Off Stage To Save Woman by Liftable

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