It’s why a unified vision is so much more artistically satisfying than a piecemeal approach. It’s why, movie in and movie out, Marvel continues to trump DC in the comic book adaptation game. After seeing their beloved characters treated like crap, the home of Spider-Man and Hulk took control of their product, giving Kevin Feige carte blanche to control the direction of the films. The result – BILLIONS of dollars at the box office and some of the best superhero blockbusters out there.

They’re BACK!



While DC can’t get its head out of the Dark Knight’s…ummm…cave, Marvel keeps making its point. Last year, Doctor Strange argued for the inclusion of the mystic in the MCU’s future plans. Now, the return of Star-Lord and his fellow galaxy Guardians if offering proof that not every journey into a cosmic battle between exceptional beings has to be a glum, dour affair.

The Stakes May Be Larger…



As usual, writer/director James Gunn delivers a second helping of hilarious hero deconstruction while making sure to toe at least a little bit of the unified Marvel vision line. In that regard, the latest installment in the studio’s dominance of the genre contains Easter Eggs and references that not everyone will recognize. Thank Ego The Living Planet for the Internet. It allows individuals with time on their hands and insights into the narrative to pick out important pieces you might otherwise have missed.

But At Least One Of Our Heroes Is Smaller



Gunn certainly loves the ’70s and ’80s, and if you know anything about GotG, you know that said films are fulls of homages to the Me and Reagan Decades. There’s also hints at what future Marvel movies may have in store for us. The video included here points out a few obvious ones. Beware – here there be SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen the film yet, we recommend heading out to the Cineplex today. Then come back and catch up on what you (might have) missed. Cheers.

SPOILERS AHEAD – Continue On For An Overview Of GotG Vol. 2’s Secrets