As you are probably already aware, this is the year 2018 and we are inundated with technology that didn’t exist 20 years ago. The most obvious is the Internet. Kids today will never know the struggle of that awful dial-up sound as you were connecting to the web and how furious you’d get when your mom needed to use the phone.  Speaking of…

Today, just about everybody has a cell phone, from kids as young as 10 to seniors as old as 100. Thirty years ago, cell phones were basically non-existent. The first time a lot of kids even got their first look at one was when Zach Morris was lugging his around The Max.

Obviously, it would be pretty hard to lose that thing, which would actually not be too bad for some of us who are constantly losing ours. The anxiety of getting to work and realizing you left your phone on your kitchen counter is enough for some to actually drive back home to grab it. They may have gotten it right in the 80s with that corded contraption. Bet none of those people got docked pay for forgetting their phone.

None of that stuff is coming back, so we’ll just have to continue setting our phones down and forgetting where we put them five minutes later. A 20-year-old woman named Kelly Rennick lost her phone at the Life Festival in Westmeath, Ireland last month. She did, but just for a couple days. When she turned it on, she was in for quite a surprise.

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