When it comes to keeping people on the edge of their seats, Stephen King is a master. So when the movie Gerald’s Game, which was used on King’s novel of the same name, was released on Netflix earlier this month (October), fans couldn’t wait to check it out.

The film tells the story of a woman (Jessie) who takes a trip to an isolated lake house with her husband (Gerald). While there, the couple hopes to rekindle their marriage by spicing things up in the bedroom. Jessie agrees to let Gerald handcuff her to the bed, but when he starts becoming rough with her he asks her to stop. The couple begins to argue, and eventually, Gerald has a heart attack and dies – leaving Jessie still cuffed to the bed.

Viewers are then left alone and stuck with Jessie as she copes with the fact that she probably won’t make it out alive since no one even knows she’s there to begin with. As you can imagine, the film didn’t disappoint. In fact, there’s one scene in particular that has the entire Internet talking.

According to reports, one viewer even fainted during this scene while watching a screening at the Fantastic Fest Film Festival.

So, what could be so shocking about a scene that it would cause someone to faint?

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