If you live or have ever lived in Florida, you know that you will see some of the wildest things on any given day. Forget #FloridaMan and bath salts for a minute, we’re talking about wildlife. First of all, the bugs. THE BUGS. These things are no joke in the sunshine state. You think your apartment has a roach problem? HA! Floridians laugh at your little critters. The suckers down there are four-inches long and fly.

You know what else is more common than you think? Snakes getting Into your house. Lizards are one thing because a lot of people in Florida will tell you they actually welcome them indoors to help alleviate the massive (literally) bug problem but not everyone is so jazzed about a black racer coming up through your plumbing pipes.

Snakes, bugs, and even spiders get pretty nasty down there but there probably isn’t a more common creature associated with Florida than the alligator. They named an entire section of highway “Alligator Alley” for Pete’s sake. They’re everywhere. Golf courses, swimming pools, sewers – you name it and they’ll find a way to get there.

Do you know what gators do in Florida? Basically, anything they want. Just ask a trio of officers who tried to remove one from someone’s front yard. It’s didn’t turn out so well for two of them.

Head to Page 2 to see one gator that just ain’t having what some cops are trying to serve…