If you’ve ever seen any of the Taken movies, you know that there are some fathers out there who will stop at nothing to save and protect their daughters. While the plot of Taken may seen a little farfetched to some, one family recently found their lives on the brink or turning into a real life version of the films.

Recently a father in Florida proved that not all heroes wear caps when his quick thinking and bravery saved his daughter’s life.

According to the Daily Mail, 17-year-old, Amber Brackney arrived home earlier this week and noticed a bunch of barrels blocking her driveway. Immediately suspecting something was up, she attempted to drive around the barrels.

Little did she know, a group of guys were waiting nearby with the hope that she would exit her car and they could kidnap her.

Fortunately for Amber, her father, Terry, heard the commotion and immediately rushed outside.

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