Next month, Shark Week celebrates its 30th anniversary starting on July 22nd. If you recall, last year the most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps, “raced” a great white, which was really just CGI because you didn’t think the 23-time gold medalist would actually swim side-by-side with a shark, did you? Well, some people were pretty ticked off because they did think it was possible to somehow train a great white to swim in a straight line within lane markers. Discovery took some backlash on social media for it so they came up with a new gimmick for this year.

In the promo, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is confused, thinking Discovery Channel is giving him a “Shaq Week” until he is forced into a wetsuit and starts to be lowered into the water in a steel cage. So far, that’s all we’ve gotten since April but in the next coming weeks, expect the promos to start running. You can check out Shaq’s promo below…

People love Shark Week because there is a fascination that humans have with sharks thanks to classic films like Jaws and the movies that came after. In reality, sharks don’t attack nearly as much as Hollywood makes it look. Last year, the International Shark Attack File investigated 155 cases of alleged shark attacks on humans. Eighty-eight cases were confirmed as unprovoked attacks while 30 were confirmed as provoked.

That number is worldwide, mind you, and only five of the attacks were fatal. When you put it into perspective, those figures aren’t that scary. In fact, do you know what sharks attack far more than humans? Other sharks.

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