We all know that painting with a broad brush is wrong, yet, we still do it.

Unfortunately, we usually remember that stereotyping people is hurtful when it’s too late and the damage has already been done.


Not all vegans are self-righteous plant-pushers just like not all meat-eaters are savage murderers who take pleasure in the torture and killing of animals.

Yet, we usually find ourselves uttering those absolutes in a momentary loss of a filter.


“Girls with tattoos are all…” or “Boys who dye their hair are all…” are a few common ones, but really, look through your Facebook feed – you’ll find much worse.


For some unknown reason, we stereotype the most when we drive.

“Oh, New Jersey plates! That explains it!” or “Yup, a little old lady, should have known…” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

We actually car-shame.

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