It’s amazing the places that science, technology, and a little human perseverance have taken us. Decades ago, we could only imagine discovering the sight where the famed Titanic went down. Now, it seems like there’s a documentary day which focuses on the wreck, how it got there, all with intimate POV footage from a complicated submersible camera. From glimpses inside active volcanoes to more underwater treasures, we can see things now we’ve never dreamed of witnessing before.

It’s A Lesson We All Learn In School



And Now Someone May Have Found A Piece Of This History



We can also thank the space program for part of the most recent discovery. Apparently, astronaut Gordon Cooper created a “space treasure map” while flying his Mercury 9 mission, and with it, wreck hunter Darrell Miklos has been scouring the Caribbean looking for lost artifacts – and it appears he’s found the mother of all antiquities, and it all has to do with someone who sailed the ocean blue back around the date…1492.

And NASA, Or Astronaut Gordon Cooper, Helped



Yes, as part of a Discovery Channel docuseries Cooper’s Treasures, Miklos will confirm that he has found one of the anchor’s from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships. You all remember their names, right? The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria? Well, analysis of the object dates it from 1492 to 1550, and it’s weight and dimensions match a vessel the size that the famed explorer would have used. They also found other objects that match the time frame when Columbus would have been in these waters.

He Created A ‘Space Treasure Map’



And It Was Vital In Making This Discovery



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