Things in Hollywood have been crazy ever since people came forward with allegations that film producer and executive, Harvey Weinstein, had sexually assaulted them.

These accusations have opened up the flood gates for many other victims to feel comfortable enough to share their stories as well. As a result, several other big names in the industry have been accused of sexual assault and harassment, including Charlie Sheen.

Accusations against Sheen came from former actor, Dominick Brasica, who claims that child star, Corey Haim (now deceased), told Brasica and others that he had been raped by Charlie Sheen.

According to Brasica, the assault happened during the filming of the movie Lucas, which means that Haim would have been just 13 at the time, while Sheen was 19.

Sheen has finally decided to respond to the Brasica’s story, and many people aren’t sure how to feel about what he had to say.

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