Watching the Olympics, you learn more than you ever did about the games and the athletes. Taking into consideration that the journalists have to do a lot of coverage, nonstop for over two weeks, they have to come up with story after story that viewers will find interesting and entertaining.

It was inevitable that they were going to talk about the clothing. Of course, what the athletes wear isn’t just about style and looking good while they win. It’s about functionality. The clothes actually help boost performance.

You’re talking about world class athletes who are at the top of their game. They only need small advantages to put them over the top to win the gold. That’s when you start finding out all the inside secrets athletes use from what they eat to how they take care of themselves.

When Michael Phelps came out of the locker room with red spots all over his body, the world wondered what it was. One meme joked that he had slept on all his gold medals. But the truth of the matter is he had been practicing an ancient remedy called “cupping.” When a suction is created between the cup and the skin, the blood comes to the surface. Some practices allow blood to come through the skin and clot in the cup.

Wrong ideas were going around about this practice though. There is no scientific proof that it cures ailments or provides relief from pain, or the other things that people were listing. The fact is though that the practice helps circulation and generates energy. In the world of the Olympics, that’s enough to get the edge an athlete needs.

That’s all athletes want, some kind of edge. The best gear can provide that. But, can the clothing itself boost performance? Scientists say it can and athletes believe it. They witness their performance levels rise. Wouldn’t you like to know how you can help yourself improve simply by choosing the right exercise clothes to wear?

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