Movies are one of the greatest sources of entertainment. They can be full of creativity and imagination that is unlike any other art form. When a movie is good, you can literally get lost in the story and characters and feel like you’ve been taken to a completely different world.

But what some people might see as innovating and ground breaking when it comes to films, others might see as totally inappropriate. Some films have been deemed so intense that they have been banned in countries throughout the world.

In fact, many movies that have gained notoriety in certain countries have been completely banned in others. While it’s easy to see how some of these films made their way onto a no-watch list, others are much more questionable.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is one of those movies that was way ahead of its time. Released in 1971, the movie focuses on a man who is imprisoned for rape and murder. During his time in prison, he volunteers to take part in experimental therapy that goes horribly wrong. According to Witty Feed, “There was a self-imposed ban on the movie by the director who withdrew it from British screens.”

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