According to Plato, it’s somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. More recent researchers are convinced it’s somewhere Indian or Pacific Oceans. Even the island of Mauritius was listed as a possible location, though its age suggests otherwise. Now, the lost city of Atlantis may have finally been discovered, and it’s in the last place many believed it would be.

Is This Proof Of Atlantis?



According to new information gathered by the Universite libre de Bruxelle (University of Brussels, Belgium), there are significant structures under the ice in Antarctica, leading to conjecture that they are actually part of some ancient design. They point to a series of ridges and tunnels that could conform to the belief in a long lost civilization.

How About This?



Showing off their data and some mapping imagery of the area, the proof seems pretty solid. However, this isn’t the first time someone swears they have found the fabled lost continent (or city, or whatever you want to call it). Even Mr. Titanic himself, James Cameron, was involved in an expedition which argued for its discovery of the fabled location. In fact, we seem to get as many Atlantis sightings as those of UFOs and Bigfoot.

Or Maybe This?



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