It’s one of the four basic elements. Along with wind, water, and earth, it’s the fuel that supposedly forms all life on this planet. The universe was born from within it, and there are arguments that Armageddon will be bathed in it. From the earliest eons where cavemen attempted to master it, fire has fascinated us. Sure, we love the warmth, the power within the combustion, and the gorgeous and enticing flames. But we often forget its power. To destroy buildings and property. To singe and seer off skin and flesh. To cook and roast. To turn water into steam, and then…

Perhaps that’s why we’ve become a people obsessed with fire pits. It used to be that no backyard was complete without a pool or hot tub. Now, water has been replaced by complex set-ups where the flip of a switch and a drop of a match turns any occasion into an ersatz weenie roast. A metal worker over in the UK is offering people a chance to personalize their inferno with his movie character based wood burners. Just another name for fire pit, he uses superheroes, comic book characters, and other unique inspirations to bring his creations to life. The gallery below features many examples of his work, and we have to say, they are quite impressive. We could easily see one of those adorning our porch once the temperatures drop and the kindling is ready.

Darth Vader

Luke, I am your father’s…fire pit.

The Predator

Arnold is going to get burned this time.

Ultron From The Avengers

Ready to take on Iron Man and Thor.

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