For a few years, ghost hunting seemed to be the biggest craze on cable TV. There were so many different installations of the genre that it was hard to keep track of who was on what show. The fact that they all used “Ghost” in their title didn’t help, but we digress. Over time, the spirit-searching theme grew a little stale. One can only hear the static from a digital recorder so many times before the TV has to be muted.

It was also proven time and time again that the shows are largely just that – shows. There are producers and directors. Writers and cameramen. Even audio techs that do a little more than enhance the static from a recorder or Spirit Box.

Of course, the shows were/are entertaining which is why we watch. But they can get a little monotonous. You probably heard, “Dude what was that?” more times than you can even remember. Now that the craze has died down (no pun intended) and Zak Bagans’ face isn’t plastered everywhere, it’s time to usher in a new group of explorers.

Like a lot of things that used to be on the small screen, explorers have moved to an even smaller one – laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Or, more specifically, YouTube.

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