Love stories come in all languages, cultures, demographics, colors, shapes, and sizes. True love does not discriminate. True love is a real as it get and it is clear that these two young lovers are more than just in lust. The couple, Danny Griffiths and his girlfriend of two years, Ashley Greenhalgh, are head over heels for each other and since graduating high school the two have decided to begin planning their future together.

Both of these beautiful and positive souls were born with Down syndrome and are thriving and enjoying life with the love and support of one another. After a few weeks of planning with Ashley and Danny’s families, a gathering was put together in honor of Ashley’s birthday where her boyfriend planned to give the gift of a promise to his soon to be bride!

Her reaction is absolutely priceless and will, no doubt, restore a little bit of faith in the truest form of love and its presence in a world which sometimes seems to lack lasting bonds anymore. The couple plan to marry in four years. In the meantime, the two plan to work hard and save up for their big day and the many years to follow in love and bliss, through thick and thin!

Watch Ashley’s heartwarming reaction below, but grab a box of tissues first, because the tears of joy are sure to flow!


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A Moment She Will Never Forget!

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