There’s a time in all of our lives where we can’t wait to get older. We see being young as something that holds us back from all the fun life has to offer, and we look forward to birthdays and major milestones.

After a certain age, getting older is something that we all dread. The aging process can be rough, and there comes a time when looking your age isn’t something you want. So in turn, people do all sorts of things to appear younger than they actually are.

But what if you looked so young that no one could take you seriously? So young that people didn’t even believe you were an adult? That’s something one 23-year-old Dominican man has to deal with every day.

This man looks so young that he often gets mistaken for a child, and now he’s finally setting the record straight.

See what this baby faced 23-year-old has to say to anyone who doubts his age…