Startups are everywhere these days. Seemingly ordinary people with extraordinary ideas (and a knack for business and marketing) have changed how we buy things and even what we’re buying. Ten years ago, if you needed a new pair of eyeglasses, you went to the optometrist and shelled out hundreds of dollars on new specs. Today, you can get a new pair through Warby Parker for less than $100.

It isn’t just eyeglasses, it’s everything. Mattresses, socks, beauty products – you name it – are all being sold for much less money without losing any quality. In some cases, the quality has even gone up. This is all great not only for consumers but for the hardworking people who turn their dream into a reality. But some of those dreams are a little ambitious.

One Harvard startup believes it has unlocked the secrets to the fountain of youth, sort of. Rejuvenate Bio claims it has found a way to allow dogs live until 130 years old and the founder, George Church, claims it will work on people too.

Rejuvenate Bio has begun preliminary experiments on beagles to make them ‘younger’ by adding new DNA instructions to their bodies. The research is based on previous studies that showed by tweaking genes in simple organisms like worms can double their life spans.

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