Superhero TV shows and movies are everywhere these days and with the advancements in CGI, why shouldn’t they be?

Talented digital artists and engineers can use their imagination to turn regular crime fighters into comic book heroes with a few clicks of the mouse and bring any director’s vision to a live-action scene full of amazing superpowers.


Let’s face it, the thought of the Justice League being together on the same screen in a few months has you giddy and it isn’t just for the plot itself. Millions of people are counting down the days until the movie opens so they can see what the creative team has cooked up.


The most impressive part of CGI – like you needed anything else to be excited about after seeing Wonder Woman or Guardians of the Galaxy – is that for years, creative teams have given us these scenes on a weekly basis with shows like The Flash and Supergirl.


It takes months to add VFX to a feature-length movie but these folks are working on a TV series in which every season lasts months.

Even if you’re strictly old school, you have to be impressed by the amount of time and detail put into CGI.

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