Over the course of time, as we have moved from era to era, we have tried to find ways to explain away human behavior. From astrology which is based in the stars, to using physical attributes such as bumps on the head or lines on a palm, we have tried to replace science with superstition, usually because we weren’t advanced enough to take a technological approach to things.

Palm Readers Are Everywhere



Still, there are people who believe in such things, and one of the more intriguing ones is the whole concept of the “X” palm. You’ve probably never heard of it since most of us are not practicing palmists. The concept, as explained, goes a little something like this – only 3% of the world’s population bears this mark, and those who do seem to have an unusual commonality.

Not Everyone Believes In Them



They say that Alexander the Great had such an identifying symbol. They also argue that he was so obsessed with reading his own palm that he based many of his most important decisions of it. According to research, those with an “X” end up being extraordinary in some way. Leaders. Pioneers. People who end up making a difference in the world.

But There Are Those That Do



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