Twitter is good for a number of things. First of all, it’s a great vehicle to argue with complete strangers over sports. Secondly, it’s a great vehicle to argue with complete strangers over movies and music. Finally, it’s a great vehicle to argue with complete strangers over politics. Oh, and occasionally, something funny comes along that you like or Retweet. In most cases, it’s a third-party argument that happened to come across your timeline.

Okay, we’re being a little facetious here, but Twitter really is the place to go if you’re itching to get into an argument with someone. However, it is great for a whole lot more. For instance, you can get real-time sports scores, traffic updates, and breaking news. How many times have you heard someone say “Dude, I just saw on Twitter…” It happens it’s become a mecca for exchanging information on both the big and small scale.

A perfect example of this is Ernie Smith’s thread from June 25th. Smith is a writer and editor who happened to notice something very interesting about one of the world’s favorite memes and it’s quite “shocking.”

That is the famous (or infamous, whichever you prefer) “Distracted Boyfriend” meme which surfaced a year ago and quickly went viral. The girl on the right is the girlfriend who has a look of utter disgust for her boyfriend, who is clearly checking out a young lady walking by. It turns out, “the girl on the right” is a model named Carla Ramos. Carla specializes in stock images like this one:

And as you can see, she has a very expressive face so in order for all of us out there to really get the feel of the stock photo, she has gotten a lot of work.

A lot of work…

Notice anything here? In every photo, Carla is shocked with whatever it is she has just learned.

Yes, in some of them even her friends are shocked.


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