They have both changed the face of the superhero movie. Before he showed up, no one dared attempt an R-rated version of their favorite comic book name. But considering the character and the tone of the material, it was the only way Deadpool could be done correctly. It was a labor of love for actor Ryan Reynolds, and sweet vindication when the 2016 title went on to gross $363 million domestically, with w worldwide total of over $783 million.

He Was The First Hero To Break The Mold


She was the savior of the otherwise ordinary (and downright dull) Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and heralded as the glass ceiling breaking warrior waging battle on the box office. There were rumors that her stand alone feature would fail, but as of this date, it’s shown more legs than a Las Vegas chorus line. Wonder Woman continues to bust records, raking in the bank while proving that a woman can star in (and direct) a massive international hit.

Now She’s Stepped Up To Take The Title


Now, the film version of Diana Prince continues to dominate the film conversation, bringing in an underserved demographic (the ladies) while paving the way for other diversity-oriented entries into the genre like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. As it breaks records, many who she has defeated have shown Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins lots of love. James Gunn did it when Wonder Woman surpassed Guardians of the Galaxy at the turnstiles. Now Ryan Reynolds is getting into the act as well.

And Now The Question Is, How Much Money Will Wonder Woman Make?


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