For some people, there is no point to life without children. They believe that the only reason we exist is to propagate the species, to bring new humans into this world and to raise them the best way they know how. They will do anything to promote this idea, and sacrifice anything (money…time…health) to achieve those ends. Sometimes, biology grants them their desire. In other situations, things aren’t so simple.

Parenting: It’s What Many People Believe Their Purpose Is


And, apparently, the desire to be a parent can lead to illegal activity. A video from Russia is proving that point with shocking clarity. A woman, who police believe may have lost her own child at some point in her life, decided to use the available infants at the local hospital for a five finger discount. Yep – she stole a child right out from under the watchful eyes of security and the staff. And how did she do it? Well, the truth is right there in the clip.

And, Sometimes, Biology Gets In The Way


The answer is a bit obvious if you are paying attention. She hid the baby in a shopping bag, and during the already chaotic scene outside the nursery, she simply walked away with her new charge hidden away. As a medical student, she apparently had access to the area. When her family noticed the new wee one in her life, they notified authorities. The baby was returned, unharmed. The perpetrator now faces various charges, as well as a psychiatric evaluation to see if she’s fit to stand trial. According to sources, stuff like this happens all the time. Nearly 800,000 children are kidnapped in the US every year. Now THAT’S frightening.

Others Take A More Criminal Approach To Having A Child


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