Here in 2018, people will do all kinds of things for a little bit of attention or Internet fame. People of all ages are completely OK with embarrassing themselves in front of the world, going as far as eating Tide Pods as a “challenge.” Who here reading this remembers a time when putting soap in your mouth was just a punishment for saying dirty words?

In the world of social media, amassing a large following on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook can turn into big bucks. If you have enough followers on these platforms companies will pay you to promote their products. This is especially true for “Instagram Models.” Millions upon millions of people watch their every post, and there are many ways of doing it. Some women go the fitness route, some go the beauty route, and others go the body route. Some of the latter use the surgeon to get those bodies, and it doesn’t always go as planned.

Plastic surgery abuse isn’t just for “models,” there are plenty of women that do it to feel better about themselves. Sometimes they go overboard, like Star Delguidice of Birmingham. She’s spent over $20,000 on plastic surgery, and now has a backside so large it pains her to sit or lie down.

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