Actually, everything went smoothly during the ordering process. In fact, she even asked if he could leave a tip. He texted her a little while later, thanking her for the food. A few minutes later, she got a call from Jimmy John’s…

Did you grab your popcorn? Because this is where the thread gets epic…

Last warning for popcorn.

Jimmy John’s is now in the business of catching cheaters!

It’s good that she took a deep breath and thought to inquire further because what if the delivery driver made a mistake and the boyfriend was just studying for his anatomy exam? What if it was the wrong apartment? None of that was the case, but cooler heads need to prevail in these situations.

Kayla went on to thank JJ for their “incredible service to their customers.” She even posted the hashtag, #WWJJD – What would Jimmy John’s do. Of course, the company responded, because how could they not, and made Kayla a pretty sweet offer:

Some people called Kayla out for shaming her ex – which again, she never named him so it’s not really shaming anyone in particular. Others took Jimmy John’s to task for meddling. What do you think?


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