Now that you’re older, you can admit you loved watching Cheaters and that you may have even learned a thing or two from Tommy Habeeb (the OG host!) or Joey Greco (no one remembers that other guy…). There were a few reasons you watched it – or still do. First, the excuses the cheaters give are always the worst lies you can imagine which was/is always amusing to people how the cheated could actually fall for them.

The second was because there was always a possibility a fight broke out and although we’re not condoning violence, Cheaters hit its stride during the “trash TV” period of the mid-2000s, so seeing someone get slapped on television was the norm and aside from a few instances, no one even landed anything; it was just wild swinging at the air.

Lastly, you used it as an informational tool as to how to not get caught, at least, by TV cameras. You learned valuable info like not to use your job as an excuse for why you won’t be home until late and don’t ever take your mistress to the park because 98-percent of cheaters got busted there.

Young adults aren’t watching that stuff anymore, therefore aren’t learning when they’re being set up because their girlfriend thinks they’re being cheated on. We’re being a little facetious here.

There is a show online called To Catch A Cheater where they trap people into situations where their significant other usually ends up breaking up with them. The set up seems so obvious but people – mainly guys – fall for it repeatedly. Like, come on, do you really think a hot naked chick is coming on to you that strong on an in-home IT service call? She’s not.

The worst part is that some of these guys jump quickly at the opportunity to take hot, naked chick up on her offer and then when they get caught with their pants down, they stupidly try to deny it. When their girlfriend/fianceé/wife just watched them in the act.

Guys Like This One:

It’s so sad to watch his fianceé be so pleased that he only acted partially shady in the beginning. Do you consider this cheating or does it not count?

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