It’s hard to envision a situation stranger than this one. On the other hand, when you consider how open the rest of the world has become to us thanks to the Internet and the interconnected realm of social media, it’s surprising we don’t hear about such things more often. From children suffering with basketball sized eye tumors to adults dealing with skin conditions which render them positively reptilian, it’s a mysterious planet out there, and we are now just getting to see some of these secrets.

This Is Estela Melendez


Then there are situations like the one involving a 91-year-old woman named Estela Melendez. Married to a poor fisherman named Manuel, she recently went to the doctors to have a tumor looked it. Her husband had prevented her from going before, citing the expense of any treatment. When he passed away, Estela (who had been married to the man for nearly 74 years) made the appointment. What she found out was simply shocking.

And This Is A Picture Of Her And Her Late Husband Manuel



Turns out it wasn’t a tumor after all. Instead, it was a calcified fetus. Thats right, when she was in her 30s, Estela got pregnant, but the baby died in utero. No one knew about the unborn child. Instead, Estela’s lack of fertility was blamed on an issue with her reproductive organs and left at that. Turns out, the lack of children was a sticking point in the couple’s relationship. Doctors have decided that, because of her age and the time she’s lived with it, they won’t remove the mass.

And This Is What She Carried Around With Her For Decades



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