Something’s not quite right. Stop and think about it for a moment. The moment Sony announced a deal with Marvel to allow Spider-Man back in as part of the company’s expanding MCU, it’s all you heard about. Who was in (Tom Holland), who was out (the previous regime and its many reboots) and every single detail of the eventual stand-alone, Tony Stark aided effort (Homecoming).

We Know Almost EVERYTHING About Other Superhero Films



So Why Not Wonder Woman?



And it’s the same over at DC. Jason Momoa shirtless for some work on the upcoming Aquaman movie? We’ve got it on all social media platforms. Heck, the rest of the Justice League line-up, including hints about the fate of Superman and possible cameos? The comic book sites just fall over themselves reporting every last on-set detail and rumor.

We Get Lots Of Justice League Buzz



But did you realize that in a little over a month, a mere 35 days from now, Warners’ big push into the next phase of its Zack Snyder inspired DCU is coming out – Wonder Woman – and yet the hype machine has been turned down so low that the most the marketers have managed to drum up was a recent tie-in deal with Dr. Pepper. It’s almost as if the studio, sitting on what is arguably the most popular female superhero in the history of the genre, is afraid she will fail, and is already building in buffers to excuse a less than blockbuster performance.

But Why No Hype For This Effort?



Is There A Conspiracy Against It?



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