Unless you’ve been living under a boulder or some other type of sedimentary object (read: rock), you probably know the news by now. It’s been all over social media and has inspired hundreds of jokes, tweets, and memes. The United States is officially one of only three countries who have opted out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, President Trump has made it clear that party politics are more important to this administration than the actual truth about the planet.

So Party Politics Win Out Again



As the criticism and ridicule mount, some in power have taken to the bully pulpit of the media to express their outrage (and, on occasion, agreement). Former President Barack Obama has spoke out against the move, while both sides of the aisle are offering their interpretation of what this all means. One source who is clearly outraged by the decision is The Weather Channel, and it makes sense that they would be. After all, climate change and natural disasters are irretrievably linked, and who is there reporting on both?

Forget Science And Experts On The Subject



Anyway, after the announcement, the individual (or individuals) in charge of the cable station’s website offered a brutal takedown of the pull out, and when you see it, you’ll instantly get their message. The entire front page acts like a refutation of the President’s decision, as well as the Republican position that this whole global warming thing is just a hoax. Or unproven science. Or some other argument required to win reelection among the constituency.

This Was The Weather Channel’s Website Today



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