Months after Vásquez beat his girlfriend repeatedly in the stadium stairwell, he proposed to her in October 2016 and the two became engaged.

Vásquez posted a photo of the “happy couple” online with the caption, “the person who is always with me in the good and the not so good!”

That relationship was short-lived after that because a year later, Vásquez was married to a new woman. In an interview with in November, he explained the situation.

“I am currently married, and not with the girl with whom I had the incident,” Vásquez said. “I respect, value and love my wife. She has supported me in all this and has been an unconditional person in this matter. I also know that those scenes were strong. As a public figure, I must set an example. Today I apologize and show that this should not be done. I know that stronger comments come and I leave everything in God’s hand.”

TMZ spoke with we spoke with Vásquez’s attorney who told their sports division:

“I recall conversations about the extreme stress he was under and the pressures to perform that he was young. Came to USA at a young age with no parents (accommodating him) and no guidance … just his dreams. She never excused his behavior just loved him enough to believe they could move forward.”

Luckily for her, he moved on without her. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson and never puts his hands on a woman – or anyone else – again.

Watch The Disturbing Video:

If you’re wondering what happened to Váquez’s legal troubles that resulted from his assault on his then-girlfriend, she plead with prosecutors not to press charges and after a stint in anger management classes and paying a fine, the baseball player “fulfilled the terms of his probation” and the charges were formally dropped last week.

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