Musk sent out the first tweet of the red Tesla, with Starman behind the wheel and David Bowie’s Space Oddity blasting from its speakers, shortly after SpaceX’s historical launch and you would think this would be enough to shut down the Flat Earthers for good:


They’re still going at it but now Musk, along with NASA, the U.S. government, actually every government that’s ever been involved with a space program, astrophysicists, scientists, mathematicians, and anyone with common sense, are all in on the big hoax.

Listen, the only mocking going on here is the Flat Earthers mocking a theory that was first discovered by Pythagoras in 500 BC and has been proven factual time and time again ever since.

This rationale works both ways.

The Flat Earthers have posted hundreds of videos to YouTube discrediting legitimate science and math by using theories born on the Internet. 

And, according to the Flat Earth Society, you can’t trust the government and you can’t trust a private company. The only people you can trust is them, apparently.

We’ll take our chances with Pythagoras.

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