Living in the U.S., citizens can sometimes take things for granted. The country is in the midst of the most intense gun control debates it has ever seen, women are accusing powerful men of sexual harassment daily, Dreamers are being sent away to countries they’ve never known sometimes leaving their families behind, and the political climate is at an all-time high as far as a division between the left and right are concerned. It can be frustrating at times for sure.

Some people on social media and in real life have announced they’ve had it and are moving to another country where things are “better.” However, as overwhelming as the frustration can be at times, the many freedoms Americans have the right to as citizens of the United States are sometimes overlooked.

Some of these freedoms are well-politicized and debated like the right to free speech but what often isn’t taken into account is that as unfair and intrusive as some of the laws may seem, they’ve been put in place for a reason. For instance, the punishment for petty shoplifting in some parts of the world is 10 years in prison while in others, the accused’s hands have been cut off.

In the United States, you may have to pay a small fine or be put on probation if it’s not your first offense. That’s a far cry from having your eye gouged out as punishment for injuring someone in a fight. However, some of the laws on the books in the U.S. can be pretty strict, and with good reason.

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