For many disabled people all over the country, service dogs are a necessary part of life. These dogs, who have been trained based on their owners disability, can be used to guide people, keep them safe during seizures, and keep them calm during intense situations.

Since these animals help increase their owner’s quality of life, they’re allowed in to accompany their human anywhere that person might need to go.

Service dogs have been so thoroughly trained that most times you don’t even know they’re there. So it was a shock when one woman in a restaurant had a meltdown after noticing that a man was also in the restaurant with his service dog.

Apparently, the woman felt like it was nasty to have a dog in the dining room area of the restaurant.

A waitress explained to the woman that the other diner was a military veteran who needed the service dog, but the woman did not back down. Instead, she made a scene – and made herself look crazy in the process.

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