Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren is back in the news and this time, she’s not the one dishing out the haterade. The entire ordeal was caught on video and many social media users are saying that she got a taste of her own medicine. Or, in this case, water. Others, however, are calling out the patrons of a Minnesota restaurant for their “attack” on the Fox News contributor.

Tomi is no stranger to being in the news for controversial reasons. Aside from her questionable comments that are quick gain attention and shared on social media, she herself does bring some of the negative light on herself. If you recall, Tomi admitted to kicking her dog while she was doing a live hit for Fox News. She later said she was joking but her reputation preceded her in this particular instance and she was kept on a short leash (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) by Internet users.

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Jokes and her political beliefs aside, does she deserved to get what many are calling attacked while enjoying brunch with her mother? “Attack” may be a little strong, but what would you call intentionally throw water on someone as they were minding their business walking by? That’s basically what happened Sunday at a Minnesota restaurant.

Truth be told, the footage only shows one side of it – and it ain’t Tomi’s. It’s very possible that other reports that claim the woman was being rude and aggressive toward Tomi throughout the meal are true. There just isn’t footage of it.

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