Elon Musk is talked about a lot in the news, thanks to his breakthrough battery technology that helped a Puerto Rican children’s hospital during the massive power outage that came as a result from the hurricanes that ravaged the island back in September.

It also bailed out a coal-power station that lost power in Australia from 620 miles away. The crazy part is, Tesla built the battery in less than 100 days earlier in the year and when it was needed to generate the grids after the power failure, it kicked in 140 Milliseconds after the coal-powered plant failed.

His use of technology to assist in humanitarian efforts are well-documented, but earlier this week, the attention turned to his massive science project SpaceX.

On Tuesday, Feb. 6th Elon Musk successfully launched SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy from Cape Canaveral into space while an estimated 100,000-plus onlookers watched from Florida’s Space Coast.

The launch itself was a marvel to behold, but Musk upped the ante – a few times.

One of the really incredible feats SpaceX pulled off was that the Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters were reusable and landed perfectly on its twin pads, eight minutes after liftoff.

All of that is obviously fantastic if you’re really into science, but Musk upped the cool ante and added a few more gems to his ground-breaking SpaceX program.

Like, dressing up a mannequin in SpaceX’s latest spacesuit and strapping him into a red Tesla Roadster.

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