During the live broadcast, Ken Boddie and Jenny Hansson sat at their CBS-affiliate news desk while a live shot of Portland is shown on the green screen behind them. It’s early morning and the sun hasn’t risen so it’s still fairly dark out.

As Ken throws it over to Carly Kennelly, the traffic reporter, a bizarre light is seen swirling above Jenny’s head, unbeknownst to the KOIN 6 News This Morning crew.

This is the Digital Age, so naturally, someone was recording the broadcast, saw the lights, and uploaded it online, which of course, sparked tons of discussion about what it was.

Users on Disclose.TV tried to debunk the theory it was just lights reflecting off the headlines of the cars below but then someone debunked the debunk theory.

Truthdefender with the headlight theory:

It seems to be a reflection from the headlights of the vehicle below. Notice how both the upper light and the vehicle make an inverse but identically curved path?

Thought it was gonna be something cool for a split second!

Spikey with the unlikely to be a headlight theory:

On first glance, the car headlight reflection theory seems very plausible and logical…but as you pointed out, there are many vehicles on that overpass, yet none of the others produce any reflections even though they are following the exact same trajectory and are at the same angle and height as one another.

Conclusion: It unlikely to be car headlight reflections.

See For Yourself:

What do you think it is?

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