On July 4th, Serra was hanging out at the Grand Cafe at Red Rock Casino when he recorded a drunk guy trying to revive an even more drunk lady at a table behind him. He captioned the video “Weekend at Bernie’s 3” and laughs the situation off.

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Lo and behold, it turns out the drunk guy started getting abusive to his server, so the former UFC Welterweight champ jumped in to subdue the guy in a full mount until security arrived. One of the funniest parts is the guy screams at Serra: “I’m gonna f*** you up!” Spoiler alert: He did not f*** him up.

Check It Out – NSFW:

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The post went viral and Serra went on to enjoy his HOF induction the following night at The Pearl at The Palms. Fellow inductees included the first female inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, Ronda Rousey; Bruce Connal and Art Davie, who entered into the Contributors Wing; and the UFC 139 battle between Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua which was inducted into the Fight Wing.

Watch Highlights From The 2018 UFC Hall Of Fame Ceremony:

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