Since launching back in 2009, Uber has become a worldwide sensation. The modern day taxi service has made getting a ride cheaper and more convenient than ever before, and it’s offered people a very cool way to make some extra cash.

However, Uber has also raised some serious safety concerns too – for both passengers and drivers.

As a passenger, not only are you getting in the car with a complete stranger who may or may not have actually passed a background check, but as a driver, you’re letting a complete stranger into your car who may or may not be insane.

For that reason, many Uber drivers have started using dash cams to record all of their rides. And one driver’s camera recently caught a passenger doing something downright disgusting.

When the trip was over, one of the girls looked around suspiciously before digging her hand into the driver’s tip jar. When she knew he wasn’t looking, she grabbed all of the cash and ran out of the car.

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