We’ve become a society struggling with convenience. Making a homemade dessert is really nothing more than a question of time, ingredients, and the ability to follow a recipe. Yet because of how the everyday rat race has turned into a marathon, we can’t seem to find the first two factors in that formula. So we either run down to the mega-mart and buy an overly expensive pie or cake, or we call up a local food delivery service and wait for the even more costly comestible arrives at our door.

It’s Definitely A Convenience


And now, with such services like UberEats and the like, you can have anything you want brought to wherever you are. Oh sure, you have the potential for all kinds of human error, from the diner getting your order wrong to the driver getting lost, or worse, giving your order to someone else, but as long as you don’t have to stand in line or slave over a hot stove, you’ll pay for the privilege of such slack service. And don’t forget the tip.

But Sometimes, You Have To Put Up With Stuff Like This


A young woman in DC learned this recently when she went back home to help out a sick family member. The relative was in John Hopkins Hospital and Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko had traveled from the University of Michigan, where she is studying, to spend time with them. One day, amidst the turmoil, she ordered food from Uber Eats and then completely forgot about it. Even when the call came in, she ignored it. After all, it showed up on the phone as “unknown” and there aren’t many of us who jump to respond to them.

And This



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